I’m an award-winning journalist and radio personality with more than three decades of rich living and world travel under my belt. My career in journalism spans the gamut of human experience from the war in Iraq and the genocide in Cambodia, to politics, wildfires, and Julia Robert’s wedding.

A single parent from day one, my son Aiden took his first steps on a beach in Mexico and he learned the joys of zoology while analyzing bats in Cambodia. Forced to tag along with mom to grad school, he attended possibly more courses than most students enrolled.

After the sudden death of my mother in late 2015, we reassessed our priorities and took a year to travel and spend time together—something we had little chance to do with my 60+ hours a week working. We traveled extensively through South America, before choosing to settle in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where we’ve found a vibrant, creative and amazingly resourceful community of unschooling, worldschooling or otherwise differently schooling families. It’s also here I found inspiration to start helping people clarify and determine the steps to follow their own life’s passions. I facilitate Passion Test Workshops for families and individuals seeking more clarity and joy in their lives.

When not actively plotting our next adventure, we can be found eating ice cream, walking the cobblestone streets, and building community one connection at a time.